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Cell Therapy Products

Softgel Capsule Form:

Sheep Placenta Advanced Capsules (PE)


Skin Serum Form:

Botanical Placenta Advanced Skin Serum (BP)

Why Order Live Cell Therapy PE Capsules?

PE brings many anti-aging, health and beauty benefits at the same time.

PE has the highest quality and exceptional values but costs less than 1% of the original price of Cell Therapy. 

PE is based on the proven cell therapy theory which has a long, credible history and honorable tradition.

PE is an entirely natural and completely safe oral supplement without any side effects.

PE is highly effective and its results are long lasting.

PE is easy and convenient to use. There is no work, no pain, and no hassle on your part.

PE has been scientifically validated by dozens independent bio-medical laboratories and pharmaceutical research centers.

PE has been clinically tested in dozens of countries.

PE is manufactured and distributed by the most creditable sources.

"I had been trying all kinds of different therapies before to cure my pituitary gland disorder, but none of them had any positive effect. After using your Cell Therapy for only 2 weeks, I started to feel much better. It is certainly more effective than all the other therapies I have tried."

Mrs. Nancy Ozod, CA, USA.


"The Live Cell Therapy saved my marriage. I am a new woman full of energy and the desire to enjoy life. How could I ever thank you."

Mrs. P. B., Dallas, TX, USA.


"I was desperate, I've tried doctor after doctor with no results, until I heard about 'Live Cell Therapy'. It has changed my life. God Bless You."

Mrs. A. T., Palm Beach, FL, USA.


"A powerful increase in energy and endurance after taking Live Cell Therapy for only weeks. Thank you. It's great."

Mrs. J. R., Los Angeles, CA, USA.


"I was becoming a very old man in a hurry, I've been impotent for the last 4 years with all kinds of physical problems, but after taking the Live Cell Therapy for only 8 weeks I'm a new man full of energy and yes, I forgot what it was to be impotent. Thank you forever."

Mr. R. D., Cleveland, OH, USA.


"What lethargicness or tiredness??? I'm now so refreshed and active. After just 4 weeks with Live Cell Therapy, I feel more vibrant, energetic & very alert . Coupled with better sleep, I am always fresh after my slumber."

Mrs. S. Ito, 50, Japan.


"When people started praising me of the total change of 'chi' (glow) in both my face and overall body complexion after PE for 6 months, I knew I have made the perfect choice of food supplement after trying out so many different types of supplement and placenta extracts. Time waits for on one but this product seem to be reversing my age. I am now feeling young at heart both physically & mentally!"

Mrs. Marilyn R. Cheung, 44, Vancouver.


"Two years ago, due to very stressful working conditions and unhealthy lifestyles, both of us got old too fast & without realizing it . It's a different situation now with PE. We are very satisfied with the marvelous results la therapie de cellulaire en vie Cell Therapy-PE. And we are now firm believers in the goodness that it brings."

Mr. & Mrs. Pierre J. Toudeur, France.


"Placenta extracts are very popular among us Orientals for centuries as an EXILER of life. There are more than ten brands at any time in Taiwan today. But, this PE is the real thing for me after trying different types be it from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong or Japan for that matters! PE does distinguishes REAL QUALITY!"

Mr. & Mrs. Yeh W. C., Taiwan.


"A powerful increase in energy and endurance after taking Cell Therapy for only weeks. Thank you, it's great!"

Mrs. J.R., Los Angeles, CA, USA.


"As a el modelo (model) in glamorous world , my looks, good complexion & health counts. This PE is my best insurance ! It's a Rolls not just any car you find on the road! Nope, I am not paid to say anything good about this product. It's a personal expression of my satisfaction with a good food supplement."

E. Enrique, 27, Spain.


"I believe in originality not because of status but for the quality & contended results it brings. Just imagine within 3 months after my third baby & an second caesarian op, I am now back to my slim-fit shape with better looks, complexion & bouncing healthily than ever before. I never go on diet or pop pills and I know it is not easy to have a nice body, glowing smooth fair body complexion & good health when you are in your mid 40's."

Y. T. Lau, MD, 45, user since 1998, Hong Kong.


"I've always had a very weak sex life because of a lack of energy and stamina, after taking Cell Therapy for only 8 weeks I'm a new man and I feel the energy and power. Thank you."

John F. Gibson, Queensland, Australia.


"This product PE - The real Vit X for my malnourished & totally stressed body!"

Chantal V. Schurmann, 53, Arnhem, Netherlands.


Unlike HGH, there's no overdose, contradictions or side effects. So these softgel caps PE are the obvious choice!

Dr. S. Dieter, Researcher, Switzerland.


No, it's not expensive at all. One PE softgel is as good as five others and it is safe & effective. I am always pennywise but not with PE, it is worth for my hard earned pounds!"

Caroline B. Edwards, 44, Surrey, UK.


Science Of Live Cell Therapy

PE Softgel Capsules and Skin Serum are all based on the principle of Live Cell Therapy, which has been scientifically validated in both historical and recent times. In history, as early as 1552 B.C., the oldest preserved medical document, the Eber Papyrus recommended medicinal preparations of animal organs to improve human vitality. In present, there have been hundreds of clinical tests and thousands of medical research reports verifying Cell Therapy's enormous anti-aging, health, and beauty benefits.

Scientific Definition Of Live Cell Therapy

The human body contains some four trillion cells, all of which arise after conception from one unified cell through multiple cycles of division. This process of cellular renewal continues throughout life, as old and weak cells are replaced by new ones. In healthy young individuals the division of cells takes place regularly in an energetic and balanced bio-terrain. However, as we grow older, this process begins to slow down. Improper nutrition with large amounts of animal fat, processed sugars, food additives, a decrease in consumption of biologically grown vegetables, life styles with heavy smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, an overall increase in stress due to our fast-paced lives, pollution with carcinogenic solvents, heavy metals and pesticides tend to suppress this renewal process even more. As a result, we tend to age prematurely and can fall ill.

Live Cell therapy offers an opportunity to treat health problems caused by premature cell death or malfunction of specific cell types and the body’s failure to replace or restore them.

In the latest live cell therapy, cells or extracts of unborn sheep's tissue are administered via softgel capsules into the human body for therapeutic purposes. These cells are then broken down into their basic elements (enzymes, polypeptides, deoxyribonucleic acids, ribonucleic acids and other basic organic substances) and reused by the cells, tissues and organs of the person treated. The fundamental theory behind organ extract and cell therapy is the principle ‘Similia Similibus’ or ‘Like Cures Like’, as stated by Paracelsus, a Swiss physician and philosopher of the 16th century. Paracelsus and many other early physicians believed that the best way to rebuild or revitalize ill organs or ageing tissue was to use healthy living cells of the same tissue type. Modern organ extract and cell therapy refers to treatment by bio-active softgel capsules with cellular elements and whole cells from healthy unborn sheep specially bred for medical purposes under a controlled environment.

Scientific Validation Of Live Cell Therapy In History

Live Cell therapy dates back thousands of years. Written in 1552 B.C., the oldest preserved medical document, the Eber Papyrus recommended medicinal preparations of animal organs to improve human vitality. Animal organs for therapeutic use were also mentioned many times by Aristotle in the Materia Medica. In the Middle Ages, Parcelcus observed, for the first time, the organisational unit of all life; the cell, was the element in ‘like heals like’.

In the late 19th century, French Nobel laureate Dr.Alexis Carrel discovered the potentially immortal nature of cells by keeping alive fragments of a chicken heart 25 years after the fowl had died. He performed this by combining cellular material from different hearts into one cell culture. At the end of the 19th century, Paris physiologist C.E. Brown-Sequard recognised the potency of cellular therapy by injecting himself with an extract made from the testicles of a young bull. His virility was subjectively increased due to the testosterone in the extract. In the 1920’s, ophthalmologist Vladimir Filatov initiated the application of foetal cellular and aloe plant extract therapies for non-specific rejuvenation of chronically ill patients. His earliest claimed successes were in reversing retinitis pigmentosa and retinal macular degeneration.

In the 1930’s, Swiss surgeon Prof. Dr. Niehans became increasingly interested in endocrinology while serving as head of staff at one of the renowned hospitals in Switzerland. He studied the work of colleagues who were experimenting with the implantation of animal glands into patients whose organs were malfunctioning. One of Niehans’ first discoveries was that cells derived from the organs of unborn sheep could be injected into the human body without triggering the natural defense mechanism that acts to reject foreign protein.

In 1931, Prof. Dr. Niehans was summoned to an emergency operation where he was requested to perform a transplant for an elderly woman whose parathyroid glands were accidentally removed during a thyroid surgery. The patient was in critical condition and in a race against time, Niehans sought instead to inject the woman with a steer’s parathyroid cells suspended in a saline solution, crudely prepared at the scene. The woman’s condition quickly stabilized and continued to improve as she went on to live another 30 years.

Niehans continued his research and work into the 1960’s, publishing extensively, only briefly interrupted by World War II. His major opus on the theory and practice of cell therapy was published in German in 1954. Niehans later collaborated with Bauer of Clarens Clinic in Switzerland to study the therapeutic effects of fresh and preserved cells.

He used cells from the frontal brain to treat mongolism. He used skin and eye cellular extracts to treat albinism, injected liver cells to treat cirrhosis, and utilized testicle cells to treat impotence. Swiss publisher Thoune released the English version and update of Niehans’ original work which also included papers by researchers from Germany,  Austria, Greece and Spain.

Live Cell therapy aims to awaken dormant cells within the human body, thereby stimulating the growth and function of existing tissue and repairing or regenerating old and malfunctioning cells. Cell therapy offers what vitamins, minerals and other conventional or natural treatments cannot. It can provide the exact components necessary for injured or malfunctioned tissue to heal and regenerate. While most pharmaceutical drugs work by suppressing certain symptoms over a short period of time and only for as long as they are taken, cell therapy stimulates the body’s own healing and revitalizing powers and exerts a long term effect.

Contributors to the advancement and technique of Live Cell Therapy


Order Advanced Sheep Placenta Capsules/ Botanical Skin Serum Now!


The Second Testimonial By Mr. Fernandez:

"Here you have a picture of mine at 57 after a few month taking your product -compare me with Bill Clinton who was born in the same year! I have some gray hair in my beard that is died in the picture, but they are disappearing too."

From: "Fernandez, Daniel" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2006 11:23 AM
Subject: My Picture

Here you have a picture of mine at 57 after a few month taking your product - compare me with Bill Clinton who was born in the same year! I have some gray hair in my beard that is died in the picture, but they are disappearing too. I already send you a testimony that you have posted in your site. Some people have written to me asking if it is true. I always answer with my best recommendations. Now you have a picture to show. Also have more recent pictures from my last trip to Egypt, but I’m too far. Let me know if you want also one of those.

I have to add that I notice that the skin of all my body have changed, not only in my face. I can notice it softer in the shoulders, for instance, and also the hands look younger. I wonder if you can make me the discount you promised when I send you my testimony - I'm almost out of it! Also let me know the prices if I buy them in quantity, like 6 months or a whole year.

Thank you!

Daniel Fernandez.
Miami FL, USA

The First Testimonial By Mr. Fernandez:

"I think this product give you not only a total rejuvenation in the skin, but also in the inside, because your feel better and have more energy. I'm planning to use it forever."

From: "Fernandez, Daniel" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, February 21, 2005 3:24 PM
Subject: testimonial

I have tried sheep placenta capsules for only 40 days and I already can see the results. The scars for the removal of skin lesions are getting less and less noticeable by the day. Also feel more energetic and enthusiastic. The pores in my face are more refined, and also some other imperfections and troubles in my skin, like cronic dermatitis are disappearing. I'm 57, but even people that know me from long ago, ask me what I have been doing, because I look younger. I think this product give you not only a total rejuvenation in the skin, but also in the inside, because your feel better and have more energy. I'm planning to use it forever.

Daniel Fernandez, journalist.
Miami FL, USA


Order Advanced Sheep Placenta Capsules/ Botanical Skin Serum Now!


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